McAllen Truck Accident Lawyer

If you suffered serious injuries in a recent 18-wheeler accident, contact a McAllen truck crash lawyer who can help you file a personal injury claim to receive the compensation you deserve.

Instead of spending your recovery with the added anxiety of money troubles, seek the assistance of an experienced attorney at J.A. Davis & Associates, LLP. Our team has one goal in mind: to procure the finances you need to recover in peace after your truck crash.

Why should you be responsible for the costs of your injuries if you didn’t cause the accident? The negligent parties should be held accountable and reimburse you for your damages. Your McAllen truck accident lawyer will be able to take care of the logistics of your claim so you can recuperate without worry.

What Causes McAllen 18-Wheeler Crashes?

Trucks can collide with other vehicles for many reasons. The most frequently seen causes include poor driving, the malfunction of a vehicle part, debris or other roadway hazards, and outside influences, such as a wild animal entering traffic unexpectedly or weather conditions that make traveling in a motor vehicle dangerous.

Regardless of the cause of your crash, your McAllen semi-truck wreck lawyer will be able to take that information to establish who will be considered at fault for your injuries and responsible for compensating you.

Responsibility in Semi-Truck Wrecks

The driving practices a trucker engages in have an important effect on the safety of those traveling alongside the truck driver.

For instance, if a trucker is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; making substandard choices while driving, such as following too closely, not using a blinker when changing lanes, or speeding; or focusing on anything other than driving safely (known as distracted driving), then he or she is putting other drivers at risk for injury or even death.

In addition, a number of truckers get into truck accidents due to driving while fatigued. While the driver will have some culpability in his or her decision to get behind the wheel while over-tired, there is likely some blame to be placed on the trucking company that overscheduled the driver.

Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules, trucking companies are required by law to follow strict scheduling guidelines, which include mandatory time off between shifts and shifts lasting no longer than twelve hours.

Defective parts that have gone unreported or roadways that haven’t been sufficiently cleared also raise the risk of McAllen truck accidents. Parts manufacturers have an obligation to issue recalls on vehicle parts and offer free repairs when a part is faulty.

Likewise, McAllen or Texas government agencies are responsible for maintaining safe and clear roadways. If one of these government agencies is to be named as liable in your claim, we will have only six months to file from the date of the accident.

A McAllen 18-wheeler crash lawyer at J.A. Davis & Associates, LLP will be able to thoroughly investigate the cause of the collision to determine exactly which party needs to be named as the defendant in your claim.

The Value of Your Injuries

Your involvement in a McAllen truck collision has likely left you with devastating injuries. To calculate how much your personal injury claim will be worth, we will need to work with your doctors to determine the extent of your injuries and the effects they will have on your life.

The damages we typically examine in our calculations include the following:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost earning potential
  • Cost of your hospital stay
  • Doctor visit costs
  • Medical equipment
  • Accommodations for medical equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle

The greater the influence your injuries will have on your life, the greater your compensation award should be. This usually coincides with the seriousness of your injuries. Damage to your brain, spinal cord, or organs will likely have a tremendous impact on your life, while a minor concussion or whiplash will likely only affect you for a few weeks at most.

Your truck accident lawyer in McAllen will have experience determining the effects of truck crash injuries and know how to calculate a reasonable compensation request in your personal injury claim.

Get Help from a McAllen Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

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