Weslaco Workers Comp Lawyer

Are you having a difficult time getting the workers compensation benefits you deserve? Reach out to a Weslaco workers comp attorney.

Workers comp fills a great need for many injured employees, allowing them a financial means to promote a full and speedy recovery. Unfortunately, some employees quickly learn that their employers are not eager to fulfill their end of the obligation because encouraging victims to seek work comp benefits often increases premiums.

In some circumstances, you may have to wage a legal battle to receive the compensation you deserve. To help ensure that you enjoy the full benefits afforded to you by workers comp, contact a Weslaco workers comp lawyer at J.A. Davis & Associates, LLP today.

What Work Comp Covers

Generally, workers comp covers an employee’s lost wages, in addition to any medical expenses that come about as a result of his or her accident.

The types of benefits provided by workers comp can be split into four broad categories, which are detailed below:

  • Income Benefits – These include any lost wages incurred as a result of your workplace-related injury or illness. Temporary income benefits, impairment income benefits, supplemental income benefits, and lifetime income benefits all fall under this broad category.
  • Medical BenefitsThese are meant to address the cost of receiving any medical care made necessary by your injury.
  • Burial BenefitsThese benefits are meant to compensate an injury victim’s family for burial-related expenses, should the employee in question pass away.
  • Death BenefitsThis category of benefits is intended to help compensate for the loss of income that a deceased Weslaco work injury victim would have otherwise been able to contribute to the family.

Keep in mind that the state of Texas has set caps on the amount of compensation injury victims can recover through workers comp.

Because the amount offered in a workers comp benefits package is often decided by various factors, it’s advisable to check with a Weslaco work comp lawyer to see if you’re getting a fair shake.

Weslaco Workers Comp Denials

It’s a relatively common occurrence for workers comp claims to be denied, often due to ineligibility or a mere misunderstanding.

Common reasons for Weslaco workers comp claims to be denied include the following:

  • The claim being submitted after the required deadline
  • Disputes between the two parties over the claim’s validity
  • A claim involving a stress-related injury that is difficult to prove
  • Lack of proof of diagnosis or medical care for a work injury
  • An inability to document how the injury occurred

As an injured employee, it’s important to know your rights, which include the right to see the physician you choose. If you find your claim blocked, denied, or limited to any degree, a Weslaco workers comp denial lawyer can help you sort out your situation and file an appeal.

Partner with a Weslaco Workers Comp Attorney

If you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident, you are likely eligible to receive compensation to treat your various injuries. However, being eligible doesn’t mean you will automatically get what you’re owed.

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