San Antonio Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you have suffered the loss of a family member due to someone else’s disregard for your loved one’s safety, seek the assistance of a San Antonio wrongful death claim lawyer.

The passing of a loved one is always a time of immense grief. When this sadness is made worse by the knowledge that the negligence of another caused your relative’s death, as well as your increasing financial struggles without the income your family has depended on, the stress can become overwhelming.

If you are in need of relief from this unnecessary pressure, a San Antonio wrongful death lawyer at J.A. Davis & Associates, LLP can ease your worries. Our attorneys are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first. We will determine who is responsible for the death of your loved one and stop at nothing to obtain the compensation you need to continue living your life and find some sense of financial justice.

Who Is Entitled to Wrongful Death Benefits?

If you are considering filing a wrongful death claim, chances are you relied on the income of your loved one to help support your family. In Texas, only specific family members are able to recover wrongful death damages.

If you are the spouse, parent, or child of the deceased, you may be entitled to compensation. These benefits do extend to families who have adopted members, whether they are adopted children or parents who adopted the child who has passed. Siblings of the deceased are not able to file a wrongful death claim under Texas law.

When your family members are filing a claim, they may do so individually or as a group. Based on the conditions surrounding your claim, a San Antonio wrongful death claim attorney can advise you which route is the best for your family to take.

Who or What Caused the Death of Your Loved One?

Almost any San Antonio accident can result in death under certain circumstances. Some of the most common accidents that result in death or injuries that lead to death include the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents These fatal accidents could be caused by a collision with a tractor-trailer, a drunk driver, a distracter driver, an aggressive driver, a faulty vehicle, or other auto wreck.
  • Defective Products – This occurs when a consumer purchased a product that has malfunctioned and fatally injured him or her.
  • Work Injuries – When a person is killed while performing his or her job, the incident could warrant a San Antonio wrongful death claim.

When someone has been negligent, careless, or otherwise irresponsible and caused a death, he or she should be punished accordingly. If it weren’t for that party’s reckless behavior or decisions, your loved one would still be alive. Your wrongful death lawyer in San Antonio will investigate the cause of death and name the appropriate party as liable in your claim.

Compensation and San Antonio Wrongful Death Claims

In Texas, there are two main damages for which the family can obtain compensation after the death of a loved one. The first is known as survival damages. Essentially, this allows the decedent’s estate to collect damages for the victim or damages the deceased would have recovered if he or she had lived.

These could include the cost of medical expenses relating to the injuries, income they would have earned if they had lived (usually through age sixty-five), pain and suffering, and funeral service and burial expenses.

Then, the family members may be able to recover damages associated with the passing of their relative. Some of these damages could include the loss of love and companionship, loss of retirement funds or inheritance, mental anguish, loss of a family life, and, in some cases, punitive damages if gross negligence or maliciousness warrant such penalties.

With the help of a San Antonio wrongful death claim lawyer, you should be able to receive the full compensation you need to pick of the pieces of your life and move forward.

The team at J.A. Davis & Associates, LLP recognizes that, while this will be a painful time for you no matter what, your grieving should be focused on remembering the life you shared with your loved one—not burdened by financial anxiety.

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Your mourning period shouldn’t be interrupted by burdensome expenses incurred only through the fault of another. An experienced attorney at J.A. Davis & Associates, LLP will help make the process of pursuing compensation as painless as possible so your family can grieve in peace.

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